Each character is a member of a species found in the Galactic Empire. While there are many different species that can be found, the ones listed on this page are the most common.

When you choose a species you gain the traits of that species.


Reaching a maximum of 700 centimeters (reaching up to about the waist of a human), this green long eared species is a mysterious one. Even during the days of the Republic, members of this race have always been few. However when the Empire rose up even those few were hunted down and killed. The only ones who survived were those who hid on remote planets, typically in the Outer Rim. Most people have forgotten what this species looks like and would not recognise an ancient (or even know who they were) upon spotting one.

Despite their long life spanning centuries, ancients must always be training both their mind and body. Whenever they let up with one or the other they will quickly lose their skills and must work hard once more to regain them.

Members of this species gain the following traits:
Size: Small
Attributes: END +1, LOG +2, PSI +3, CHA -2
Skill Choices: Choose any 3 skills of your choice from the following list: [any academic skill], tactics, intuition, concentration, meditation, [any scientific skill]
Exploits: Ancients gain the following exploits:

  • Force Sensitive: An ancient gains one free force exploit of their choice.
  • Acute hearing. Venetians have excellent hearing, and gain a +1d6 bonus to INT
    checks when sound is relevant.
  • Learned: Ancients start with a bonus [scientific] skill.


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