Each character has six primary attributes and two secondary attributes that represent the character’s most basic qualities. A character’s primary attributes determine their physical qualities such as how strong or agile they are, their mental qualities such as how smart or well spoken they are and how lucky they are. Finally as character’s two secondary ability scores determine how strong they are in the Force and how wide spread their reputation is.

All primary attributes (Strength, Agility, Endurance, Intuition, Logic, Willpower, Charisma and Luck) start at 3. A character’s secondary attributes (Reputation, Psi) start at 0 but can be later increased by their species and/or their career.

Primary Attributes

STRENGTH (STR) measures physical power, might, and brawn. It is used to determine carrying capacity, some melee attacks, and melee damage. If you want to break a door down, your GM may ask you for a STR check.

AGILITY (AGI) measures dexterity and reflexes. It is also used to determine ranged attacks and some melee attacks. You might use your AGI to perform a fancy shuttle maneuver or to land safely after a nasty fall.

ENDURANCE (END) is a measure of healthiness, constitution, and hardiness. It is used to determine your overall HEALTH score. An END check might also be used to resist the effects of poison or disease.

INTUITION (INT) measures common sense, perception, empathy, and natural instinct. It is used to tell when someone is lying, spot something, or sense impending danger.

LOGIC (LOG) is a mixture of reasoning, knowledge, and education. While IQ isn’t a great measure of intelligence, 60 + (LOG x 10) gives an approximate IQ in the mid-ranges. You would make a LOG check to operate a complex electronic device, apply first-aid, or recall specific knowledge

WILLPOWER (WIL) is strength of mind and power of concentration. Along with END, it determines your overall HEALTH.

CHARISMA (CHA) is a combination of physical attractiveness, personal magnetism, and force of personality. It is the attribute used when interacting with others, whether leading them, negotiating with them, or deceiving them. While physical appearance is part of the CHA score, it is a minor part at best (especially in a universe full of aliens with differing standards of beauty); far more important are personality and presence.

LUCK (LUC) is an unpredictable force, and some people are naturally luckier than others. LUCK has some properties that other attributes do not have; see here for details.

Secondary Attributes

REPUTATION (REP) is a measure of fame, respect, influence, and contacts. Your REPUTATION attribute determines if people recognize or have heard of you, and determines your starting money. REP has elements of fame, rank, respect and social standing.

PSIONICS (PSI) measures the force potential of a character. It is used for all force abilities such as using a light sabre, clouding a person’s mind or lifting heavy objects with the force.


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